WP +1 Lockr

WordPress google +1 content lock plugin.

Once activated and completed the setup, it adds a popup to your blog. And your visitors either have to wait for the timer to expire or +1 your site. Very simple to use and another way of promoting your site! 😉

  • Locks all page usability – The user cannot interact with your webpages until the popup is closed!
  • One click install requires NO CODE use or knowledge to get up and running
  • Cookies remember users who already have already pressed the +1 button on your content
  • Works on all WordPress sites big and small
  • Support for ALL 46 of Google’s API locales!
  • Optional close button
  • Optional advanced close features including press ESC key to close, and clicking outside of the popup to close
  • Fully customized CSS, set background opacity right from the options panel
  • Disable the timer completely requiring users to +1 or close (if enabled)
  • VIRAL Google styled popup will induce more +1 action.

Available Late October

Subscribers Free Download Expired



  1. I really like this and that it’s free, but I believe a ‘best practice’ will be to prepare the visitor first, before they ever get to the site, by letting them know there’s going to be a somewhat obtrusive popup that will require them to +1 it before they can see your website. People are turned off by popups and need to have a good reason to put up with them.

  2. Mitch, I understand what you’re saying, if you were sending a link to subscribers, you want to tell them what you’re giving them. But to also point out there’s going to be a popup, not so sure! 🙂

    And for normal visitors to the site. It does have various settings, you can change the timer and if you want to display a ‘close’ link, or option to let them click out side the popup to close. So visitors are not required to +1 if you enable those options. And once your visitor +1’s your site, it’s not shown again.

  3. With the increasing power of Google Plus 1 this jewel of a plugin is going to be a game changer. Ongoing thanks for your forward thinking and development of powerful plugins.

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