WP Link Cloakr

The WP Link Cloakr plugin is an easy to use method of using your blog to create affiliate and short links on your own domain that look like this:


These kind of links are trusted much more by your subscribers than a potentailly dangerous link shortening service where they have no idea of what they’re going to end up on if they click through.

It works by hooking into the WordPress built in permalinks fucntion to create your affiliate links. And is so simply to install and use, takes just minutes… By adding a new ‘PAGE’ and scroll down and add the affiliate link url, and other optional details. Such as the login info for the product you’re promoting, notes and also some basic tracking stats.

Add Affiliate Link
Affiliate Links

Plus you can cloak your link by placing an iframe around the target page so that instead of seeing the target URL in the address bar when a visitor clicks through, they will instead see your original URL.

Purchase the plugin for just $14.95…

Purchase WP Link Cloakr


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