WP oto

The “WP oto” plugin enables you to create genuine One Time Offers that the visitor to your site will only ever see once. It works by dropping a browser cookie on the visitor to the page and also tracks their IP address for good measure in case they know enough to delete the cookie.

That means you could have an OTO page for a product at $7 and the regular page at $17. If they turn down the $7 offer then every time they try to get back to the OTO page they just get forwarded on to the regular page.

Creating a One Time Offer

In order to create a One Time Offer, you first need to create a new page within WordPress, or you could select an existing one if you’ve already created a suitable page.

Wordpress One Time Offer plugin


On the new page, you’ll see a block somewhere underneath the TinyMCE editor called “WP oto”.

WP oto plugin


In that block you’ll see there’s a Redirect URL and a check box. The check box allows you to later delete all records of visitors who have seen the One Time Offer, thereby enabling them to see the OTO page again.



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